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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin

      Aron Mattes, a founding member of Southern Comfort, has been playing guitar since 1992 and has been playing with bands since 1994. He has played in bands including Blues Power and The Boogiemen. Aron's guitar roots are deep in the blues, but the southern rock is emerging from him quickly. You will still find Aron around the D/FW/Denton area at a few blues jams.
     Aron is a graduate of Texas Woman's University, where he is received a B.A. in music education with an emphasis on voice. Aron also received a Texas Teaching Certificate. In the next few years he intends to go back to school to get a Master's in composition. He has been in choirs since 1990 and was awarded many scholastic awards. He is also learning to be a better pianist.
     Aron is currently an Assistant Choir Director in a prestigious school district. He really enjoys his teaching career. It doesn't hurt that he gets the summer as a paid vacation every year. Aron was married to Sara Butler on Saturday, October 5, 2002. Aron and Sara are happily married and look forward to a long life together. Sara is a private voice instructor, so they are hoping that when they decide to have children they come out with a little musical talent.
     Some of Aron's influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash, Billy Gibbons, Jimi Hendrix, and brother Odin Mattes. His latest interest is slide guitar, in the style of Billy Gibbons and Duane Allman, but it takes a little more practice than he is apparently putting into it.

Aron, Sara & Lainie


Gibson Les Paul Studio with all
gold hardware and Rio Grande
BBQ & Texas pickups.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster with all gold hardware and Kinman AVn Blues pickups.
Dr. Z MAZ "Junior"
18 Watts, but loud enough for sure!

Aron still has the 1968 Super Reverb and the Custom Shop ToneMaster, but they were just a little too loud for the rest of the band to keep up with (Old Farts!)

Aron's hobbies are varied, but when he is not playing or writing music he often goes to Tashi Station to pick up some Power Converters.

Aron and Sara Sara in the Boo-Lo Shirt
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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin

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