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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin
     A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Austin Allen has always had a passion for playing different styles of music while performing in various musical ensembles throughout his career. He started playing in the marching band and symphonic band at Catholic High school in Baton Rouge. To further promote his music, he studied classical percussion at Louisiana State University under the direction of Michael Kingan and studied jazz on the drumset with New Orleans musician, Troy Davis. As part of his professional career, Allen became known as a local studio musician in Baton Rouge while gigging regularly in New Orleans. He has also spent several months touring the United States with the Larry Garner Blues Band. He is currently majoring in jazz studies at University of North Texas with a drumset concentration. This includes performing in the South Indian ensemble, Afro-Cuban ensemble, and jazz combo, along with various groups of professional musicians.
     Austin has been called a melodic drummer with a sense of creativity exhibited by technique, speed, and control. His main talent lies in his ability to expressively convey the mood and flavor of each piece. This includes his ability to switch from any form of music such as funk, jazz, rock/pop, blues, latin, country, fusion, etc…to fit a particular style of music. His sensitivity to a composition is exhibited by his control and is conducive to the dynamics, form, and color of the composition. While continuing his devotion to jazz, he is constantly searching for new sounds and looks forward to the collective unity found when performing with other musicians.
     Some of his musical influences include Vinnie Colaiuta, Tonny Williams, Bill Stewart, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Jack Dejohnette, Buddy Rich, Sonny Emory, Horacio Elnegro Hernandez, Steve Gadd, and David Garabaldi to name a few. Allen performs on a Drum Workshop drum set and is currently experimenting with a variety of cymbals including Zildian, Sabian, Paiste, and Istanbul. His set consists of anywhere from a 4 to 7 piece kit. Allen is also known to collect different snare drums including custom made pieces.
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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin


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