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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin
        Caleb plays all keyboards in the band. His influences range from Gregg Rolie, Leon Russell and Dr. John to Steve Winwood and Reese Wynans. He plays a Roland A90 keyboard and a Hammond XK2 organ with the band, but also owns a '73 Fender Rhodes stage piano and a 50's Hammond M3 organ with Leslie. Unfortunately, nobody wants to help carry the M3 to gigs so it doesn't get used. This is not to imply that he never plays with his organ, just that the band never gets involved. Naturally, one of his favorite pick up lines is "Hey, baby...I've got a 350lb organ."
     Roland A90 controller keyboard. (top) Hammond XK-2 with drawbar tone controls and leslie simulation (bottom)      Hammond M3 organ This is an original, similar to the B3 or C3, but with 44 keys per layer instead of 66
Caleb likes any adventure, especially ones that are life-threatening. Scuba diving seemed a perfect hobby to pick up, so Caleb got scuba certified while on vacation in Grand Cayman. One of his favorite underwater adventures on this trip was the 110 foot dive along the North Wall of the island. Although he didn't get permanently narc'd, he's still enjoying the buzz. Seen to the right, he tries to shove an underwater camera up a stingray's ass at Stingray City. On the left, Caleb does his gansta pose in full scuba gear with his girlfriend and soul-mate, Teshia (seen only barely through the bubbles).
     More adventures! A bit of parasailing at Panama City Beach (left), wishing they were real on the beach at Grand Cayman (middle), and one of the coolest adventures he's ever had, snowmobiling in Vail, CO (right).
Seen here in front of the Opera House at Sydney, Austrailia, this is one of Caleb's favorite vacation spots. However, he hopes to out-do it sometime in the near future. What's coming up? Amsterdam, Greece, Germany, New Zealand. Working in the travel industry has its perks. Speaking of perky.... oh, nevermind.
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Odin Ryan Aron Caleb Jay Austin

Flying Pig Roadhouse

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